Virtex Farm Foods Ltd.


Ability to provide farmers stable and growing profits through value added processing in an increasing volatile and high risk global commodities market.


Virtex Farm Foods will produce and sell quality, value added food products from its farmers to the needs of consumers.

“Consumer Needs Is Our Production.”


The current goals and objectives are:

• Provide risk management for farm revenues against grain price volatility by providing a premium per bushel to farmer shareholders derived from the less volatile food processing industry. This is giving farmers the opportunity of moving up the value added food chain and capturing higher revenues from food processing and sales.
• Producing, processing grain and oilseeds from its own farmer members within its own organization.
• Build marketing strategies and sell processed products to established consumers and buyers of Non GMO canola oil and hulless barley flour and bran with a focus on North America.
• Next three years - Produce and market premium quality non-GMO canola food oil and canola meal.
• Year four - Expand food processing from the organization’s existing hulless barley contract production project.
• Maintain farmer control.
• To be recognized as a Saskatchewan-farmer based initiative agricultural success story.


Virtex Farm Foods Ltd.
has a natural synergy in
its sister corporation
Virtex Grain Exchange Ltd.
which will save on duplication
of costs in the two companies.

Virtex Grain Exchange Ltd.



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