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Clearfield Canola

The Clearfield production system is the most profitable source of Non-GMO canola. The Clearfield system allows for one pass control saving you time in the sprayer. It is also the only system that provides control of flushing weeds.


• Higher Nutritional value

• Flavorful and aromatic

• Zero trans fat

• Premium over GMO oils

Canola oil is the healthiest of all commonly used cooking oils. It is lower in saturated fat, high in cholesterol-lowering mono-unsaturated fat and the best source of omega-3 fats. These attributes are sparking worldwide consumer awareness and increasing its popularity as a cooking oil product. Simultaneously there is an increasing consumer awareness for the utilization of non-GMO canola oil as healthier eating is spiking public awareness (Proposition 37 California, Nov 2012) (Western Producer May 24, 2013).

What are GMOs?
GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are organisms that have been created through the gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). This relatively new science allows DNA from one species to be injected into another species in a laboratory, creating combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.

In 30 other countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production of GMOs, because they are not considered proven safe. In the U.S. on the other hand, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved commercial production of GMOs based on studies conducted by the companies who created them and profit from their sale. Many health-conscious shoppers find the lack of rigorous, independent, scientific examination on the impact of consuming GM foods to be cause for concern.

According to the USDA, in 2009, 93% of soy, 93% of cotton, and 86% of corn grown in the U.S. were GMO. It is estimated that over 90% of canola grown is GMO, and there are also commercially produced GM varieties of sugar beets, squash and Hawaiian Papaya. As a result, it is estimated that GMOs are now present in more than 80% of packaged products in the average U.S. or Canadian grocery store. (Whole Harvest Foods)

North Prairie Gold

Virtex Farm Foods proudly launched its first product, North Prairie Gold, a Certified Non GMO expeller cold press extra virgin canola oil. Virtex Farm Foods is proud of its heritage of resilience and places tremendous value on building relationships of trust with health-conscious consumers. Virtex is very proud of its first product and is confident of its ability to supply traceable, safe and nutritious food products to consumers for many years to come. For more information about our bottled products visit

Growing Clearfield Canola?
Call Us about your farm selling Canola Oil and not just a commodity.

Farmer owned
Farmer operated
For famer benefit

Value added Venture

North Prairie Family Farms

North Prairie Family Farms
is a small group of dedicated Canadian prairie farmers responsible for creating
North Prairie Gold

extra virgin canola oil
for consumers who appreciate
its artisan properties.

North Prairie Gold extra virgin canola oil