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Canola Processing Facility

NON-GMO canola crush facility in Saskatoon

The demand for healthier alternatives is growing rapidly; Virtex Farm Foods has seized this opportunity through the acquisition of a NON-GMO canola crush facility in Saskatoon, SK. This facility will be producer owned and controlled paying profits back to its farmer owners. By becoming a part of the Virtex canola crush program, producers have the ability to process their own canola into end use oil, taking advantage of the stability and premiums available in the oil market.

A New Direction for Your Canola Production


The processed Non GMO canola seeds initially will result in three products:
1. Non GMO cold pressed food grade oil
2. Non GMO expeller pressed food grade oil
3. High fat canola meal


There are a variety of methods to process canola seeds into marketable products.
Virtex Farm Foods will use the Expeller approach. It is a solvent-free mechanical process that uses a screw type machine to extract oil from the seeds. This process retains most of the nutrients and flavour from the canola seed. The canola seed contains on average 44% oil (Canola Council 2012) with the balance being canola meal which is marketed into the feed grain sector for hogs, poultry, etc. Extraction rate of the oil from seed is between 75% and 85% depending on the end user market.

Alternative processing methods use Hexane a solvent to extract almost 100% of the oil from the Expeller processed canola meal. As a result, this method strips away nutrients and flavour. The solvent based method promotes the question of whether a residual of the solvent remains on the food.

Expeller processed canola oil can be sold as refined or unrefined. Refined oil is fully processed, which removes color, flavor and nutrients. This results in an oil with a higher smoke point, which is important for high temperature frying.

Unrefined oil, referred to as salad oil, is closer to its pure form maintaining its unique flavor and nutritional values. Initially the plant will produce unrefined oil for the food market, but has the capacity to add refining equipment. The plant is completely versatile to supply all sectors of the market demand.

Future Products and Services

Once the canola processing business is well established, new business will be directed toward the production development of Virtex Grain Exchange’s current Hulless Barley program. At present, 18,000 acres are contracted for production along with a pedigreed seed program.
Virtex Grain Exchange
has been developing this project for over eight years but now will have an existing plant to complete the Hulless Barley processing plan.

Value Added Processing

Our canola crush facility is ready to produce expeller pressed, unrefined, non-solvent canola oil. This oil will be ideal for wholesale to refineries and direct retail as household cooking oil.

Farmer Owned

This facility will allow producers to profit from the oil content of the seed in addition to the sale of their commodity.



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