Virtex Farm Foods Ltd.


Application for Quota

Producers who wish to participate in the Virtex canola crush program can apply to purchase quota. With the purchase of quota, producers are entitled to have their canola processed and profit from the sale of oil. With every 40 tonne quota purchase, producers receive class A voting shares. This allows producers to control and profit share in the activities at the plant.

"Virtex Grain Exchange and now Virtex Farm Foods has been and is a very important part of our farm operation. It has helped our small family farm be viable, and I believe will continue to help improve our bottom line and that of many members and shareholder farms." -- Bryan Leuschen and his son Dallas have been involved with Virtex Grain Exchange from the initial start of 13 shareholders. Bryan was a volunteer on the board of directors, then elected to the Board early in 2014.

Ownership Perks

In addition to receiving oil profits as an owner, producers will also be entitled to unique seed and chemical programming through our supporting partners.


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