Growing Clearfield Canola?

‘more profits per acre’, not ‘more yield per acre’

Virtex Farm Foods is a value added venture for the small to medium sized farm that also provides you with a community of farm families like you, like minded.  We are farmer owned; farmer operated, for farmer benefit.

Our farmers focus on more profits per acre, not more yield per acre.

The demand for healthier food alternatives is growing rapidly; Virtex Farm Foods Ltd. is a NON-GMO canola crush facility in Saskatoon, SK. Our facility  is producer owned and controlled, paying profits back to its farmer owners.

By becoming a part of the Virtex Canola Crush Program, producers have the resources to process their own canola into end use oil, taking advantage of the stability and premiums available in the oil market.

Have you been growing Clearfield canola?

Click here to find out how Virtex gives you the highest price with Clearfield non-GMO Canola.  Add to this a cereal crop, Hulless Barley, or Camelina to grow between your canola crops.