Virtex Farm Foods began with our group of farmers from Virtex Grain Exchange and new farmer shareholders for a value added venture to have their canola processed and profit from the sale of oil.   We are now over 100 strong and inviting new shareholders to join. Virtex Farm Foods Ltd. is part of Virtex Group of Companies including Virtex Grain Exchange, and North Prairie Family Farms.

Our Vision:

To provide our farmers stable and growing profits through our VALUE ADDED PROGRAM in an increasing volatile and high risk Global Commodities Market.

Our Goals:

We are built on 4 pillars

  • to create profits for Virtex farmers, shareholders and quota owners
  • to create a higher profit per acre for Virtex farmers than the commodity market
  • to constantly search for new opportunities in grains/oilseeds/ specialty crops through Block Marketing and Value Added
  • to listen to consumers and provide them what they need with production from our farms in a demand – pull model

Our Mission:

‘Consumer’s Needs are our Farmer’s Production’